Benefits of personal training

We all have health and fitness goals. You will be able to confidently say you’re working and improving with a qualified professional at DC Strength Ohio.  Your friends and colleagues will notice you’re looking great, and more importantly, you will notice yourself feeling great!

Whatever your training goals are, we will take your fitness to the next level!  With personal training, you will receive a personalized and safe program, 1-on-1 coaching and the motivation to drive towards a better, and stronger, you.

Why Are We The Best?

Every trainer at DC Strength Ohio has a 4-year degree minimum education level.  This means everyone is working with a well-rounded and educated trainer ready to design the program, modify as needed, and track progress.
Clients have the option of 1-on-1 personal training, semi-private personal training (small group), or a 30-day program design.
All DC Strength Ohio clients receive nutritional guidance and counseling as well as discounted group classes offered by our partner, Fitness Revolution.

1-on-1 Personal Training

Work with the most highly qualified trainers in northeast Ohio to achieve a healthier and fitter you!


Semi-Private Personal Training

Receive all the same benefits as personal training at a fraction of the cost!

Program-Design 2

Program design

Meet with a trainer one time per month and receive a program to take home and execute.  Every day of the month is accounted for!

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I have known Dustin for a little over a year and a half. He was my personal trainer for one year for usually three times a week. As a matter of fact, he came to my attention when he substituted for a trainer that I had just started working out with for a couple of sessions. Dustin and I had an instant connection and he seemed to intuitively understand what I was trying to accomplish in my physical training. I immediately made the switch!I found Dustin to be very professional and focused on my reaching the goals that I had set down, which not only included the physical aspects of my training, but the mental and nutritional.I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve all aspects that encompass strength training, endurance, and weight-loss.

Nick Potonak, Willoughby

Heart attack survivor thrives in DC Strength Ohio program:

Once I was given medical clearance to resume exercise, I retained the services of DC Strength Ohio to help me regain the muscle mass I lost over the years and to help me get back into shape. Six months into the program and I am seeing muscle definition and strength that I have not had for years. The DCSO team created a program specially tuned to my needs and the results have been excellent.

Brian Scotese, Kirtland Hills