Posterior Chain Activation & Fixing Muscle Imbalances

The posterior chain is a common problem for athletes and is also one of the biggest differentiating factors when it comes to athleticism. The athlete who has the strong and active posterior chain will often times come out on top. The glutes and hamstrings play a massive role in sprinting, jumping, acceleration, landing, and power […]

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The Difference between Off-Season, Pre-Season, In-Season, and Post-Season Training

There is a big difference between the type of training that an athlete should do during in-season, post-season, off-season and pre-season. Doing the wrong type of training at the wrong time is one of the biggest mistakes that I see athletes making. Here is a concise guide to training in different seasons.

Off-Season Training: Off-season is […]

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Safety Squat Bar- Brief Overview

In this video, I briefly go over the Safety Squat Bar design and its reason for use. Notice the form when using this bar is similar to that of a normal backsquat. The big differences are that it becomes an front-loaded squat, it’s less strenuous on the front of the shoulders, and it’s a great […]

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Performance Post- Transverse Plane Power Training

A hockey athlete is shown here doing an underhand medicine ball rotational power throw. Notice she is disassociating her upper body from her hips as she throws, and again as she re-cocks through again. This exercise is effective for building core strength and rotational power. It is a great tool to put into a strength […]

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Rhabdomyolysis in Athletes

Rhabdomyolysis in Athletes


We are well aware that now more than ever, youth athletes are training harder and longer to be the best they can be. These kids are training year round for one or multiple sports and often don’t get a true “off-season”. The key is to train smart and remain healthy. With that being […]

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Hand Speed Training- “Hands on the Clock”

This is a simple hand speed drill that all athletes will find useful, regardless of sport or position. Start by putting markers on the ground to act as points of contact for the hands. We’ve arranged our with a total of 8 points: 2 for the starting position (which is the pushup position) and 6 […]

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Baserunning Speed Training- Vertimax

In this video, I begin by demonstrating a lateral crossover speed development drill for baseball/softball using the Vertimax training system. This specific drill helps with takeoff while on base. I then regress to a more simplified, but essential, linear speed development drill. Performing 4-8 repetitions of each is plenty for 2-3 sets each. Using the […]

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Upper Body Power- Pre-Competition Prep

Here is a quick snapshot of an athlete days away from a national competition working on power output. This is a close grip snatch. This will help to develop upper body power for all sports. Great for track and field, football, karate, basketball, etc…  I like to have form follow similarly to that of a […]

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Quick Snapshot of Some Lower Body Work

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Can Kids Lift Weights?

I am constantly being approached by parents asking if any damage can be caused by their child working out with weights. On one particular occasion, a concerned father expressed his hesitation with his son lifting weights too early in his life. This is how the conversation went:

Me: “So you’re not comfortable with your son doing […]

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