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Cross Training

How fit do you think you are? How fit are you, actually? If you have been faithful to a particular exercise day after day, you may suddenly find that you got a crick in your back from simply leaning over to pick up a carton.

This is the kind of injury you can expect if your […]

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How to Increase Anaerobic Threshold

First of all, what is anaerobic threshold (AT)? Anaerobic threshold, also called “lactate threshold,” is the level of intensity an individual can sustain before sending the anaerobic system into overdrive.
Sitting here and reading this blog right now is being aerobic because you’re oxygen intake is enough to meet the demands of what you are […]

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Best Way to Increase Bone Mineral Density

Best Way to Increase Bone Mineral Density

Osteopenia and osteoporosis.  If these are foreign words to you, turn to the experts in your family – your grandparents. They are most certainly tuned in to these conditions, and who is most likely to get them. Osteopenia is the condition of bones naturally getting thinner as we age. […]

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A client’s first experience at DC Strength Ohio

I want to share this letter that I recently received from a client:


I booked my first appointment with my personal trainer, Dustin Carnish of DC Strength Ohio. I had never been with a personal trainer, and it had been years since I’d tried going to a gym.

Anxiety set in immediately.  I worried about what clothes […]

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Power and Speed: Band Backpedal

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Speed & Agility: Underline M Drill

The underline M drill may look simple but it’s a great way to work on speed and agility.  This is one of the countless drills our athletes do on their way to the next level.

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Can I eat late at night?

There has been a lot of discussion and rumors floating around that in order to stay lean, burn fat, and build muscle, you cannot eat late at night before bedtime. I am here to tell you the myths and matter-of-facts on this subject.

The idea of “not eating within 2 hours of going to sleep” is […]

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Health tips

Eating healthy can be as simple as replacing 1 or 2 foods with healthier options.  For example, have a sweet potato instead of a traditional white or yellow potato.

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