DC Strength Ohio Offers Many Different Options for Youths

The benefits and takeaways from each program are exceptional, providing the kids with proper conditioning drills, instilling confidence, fostering technique and athleticism, promoting the importance of teamwork, and of course, the incorporation of fun activities.

At DC Strength Ohio, we understand that kids learn and react differently to similar situations; that’s why we have developed a program to capture their attention and promote athleticism for all ages.  Now partnered with Athletic Revolution, we have come together to provide the most advanced and well-rounded program for northeast Ohio’s youths.  Join today and let’s start to close the GAPP!

Group Athletic Performance Program (GAPP)


Ages 6-9

Learn How Your Body Works

Through a variety of play-based games, kids learn how their body moves in space and reacts to different stimuli, while working on hand-eye & foot-eye coordination.


Ages 10-13

Learn What Your Body Can Do

Youths develop the foundation necessary for more in depth years of competitive sports by learning the importance of fundamental athletic movements.


Ages 14 +

Build Your Fortress

Dozens of well-designed strength & conditioning programs paired with speed & agility provide the structure needed to build your fortress: your body.

DC Strength Ohio’s Sport-Specific Benefits

Speed & Agility

The ability to cut and move in space is paramount in sports.  These skills help an athlete to change direction while moving quickly, which can dramatically impact an athlete’s performance. This will help any athlete accelerate on the field/court, and excel against their competitors.

Power & Explosion

Power and explosion run hand-in-hand, and are often confused or misinterpreted. If an athlete has power, they can “explode” at the snap of the ball (football), serve a ball with more force and velocity (tennis), and jump higher to get that rebound (basketball). Any athlete in any sport will benefit from an increase in power. Come increase your vert with DC Strength Ohio.

Strength & Size

Strength does not necessarily mean a big burly man lifting a 700 pound log. Strength is needed for many things in sports, including safety. An athlete must have a strong core, strong ankles, and a strong mind to go above and beyond their athletic counterparts. Gain strength in all capacities of sport: here at DC Strength Ohio.

Sports Nutrition

The knowledge, science, and practice of sports nutrition has grown drastically over the course of the past decade.  To get the most out of workouts and to recover faster, an athlete needs to have well-timed and portioned meals.  At DC Strength Ohio, we provide the path for our clients to take on their journey to success.


      • We use proven programs to teach, train, and develop the best well-rounded athletes
      • Exercising correctly and safely leads to a decreased chance of injury
      • Our programs have been around for over 15 years
      • Just under 6,000 square feet to develop our athletes
      • You will be working with the best, most highly trained professionals in the area

What Clients’ Say

A Great Partnership, Dustin can really get these kids moving and having fun while getting them physically ready to compete. A great advantage for a beginner, and the natural athletes. Thanks Dustin and DC Strength Ohio.