I want to share this letter that I recently received from a client:


I booked my first appointment with my personal trainer, Dustin Carnish of DC Strength Ohio. I had never been with a personal trainer, and it had been years since I’d tried going to a gym.

Anxiety set in immediately.  I worried about what clothes to wear.  Would I look like everyone else (hopefully) or would I stand out as oddly dressed for the workout. I ran up to Target and got myself yoga pants.  I had enough tee shirts and that was going to have to do.

As I walked through the door that first time, I worried about what Dustin would think of me.  I was obviously out of shape and lacked strength everywhere.  Besides, I could afford to lose 10 pounds.

I never should have worried.  In the privacy of his office, Dustin took my weight and measurements. He was totally professional, non-judgmental and kind.

Next, we went to the gym.  I was given things to try and things to do.  I was embarrassed that I couldn’t do certain things.  But, Dustin, the immutable professional, reminded me that that is why I was there.

With each exercise, Dustin stayed by me, coaching me and pushing me to my max.  He always seemed to know when I had just a little bit more in me.  And, sure enough, I always did. He did this with an attitude of kindness, warmth and fellowship.

DC Strength Ohio is such a unique place.  I signed up for semi-private.  This means that 2 or 3 other people are working at the same time in the same gym.  Dustin goes from one to the other of us and, always, with an attitude of kindness, pushes, corrects and praises us all.  Sometimes, I even think he has eyes at the back of his head.  He is totally aware of what each and every one of us is doing at any given moment.

Dustin Carnish, of DC Strength Ohio might just be one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  I, who have always hated exercise, and would rather do anything than go to a gym, can’t wait until the next time I am scheduled to return to DC Strength Ohio. Oh, and by the way, the yoga pants and tee shirt were just fine.  Maybe not the chicest outfit, but definitely acceptable.


It’s not every day that I get to read something like this from one of my clients.  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

Dustin Carnish