Helping Athletes and the General Population Enhance Their Performance with DC Strength

Individualized Training

Custom designed workout program and milestone markers to help anyone achieve their goals.

Semi-Private or Private Personal Training

Train 1-on-1 with a trainer or follow your own program in a small group setting at fraction of the cost.

In-home/Take-home Workouts

A take home program designed for you!

A Step-By-Step Program To Follow

Meet with a degreed and certified personal trainer once a month to learn, grow, and track progress; and receive an exercise program designed specifically for you to follow during the month.

Sports Performance

Train like the pros do with a workout program designed by the experts.

Athletic Performance Enhancement

Join a group speed and agility class or receive an individualized program to hone in on sport-specific results.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition is the foundation to any successful exercise program.

Personalized Nutritional Guidance

Every client gets individual nutritional guidance and counseling.

What Clients’ Say


“Our daughter had a great experience with Dustin. Working with DC Strength Ohio helped elevate her fitness and play to a new level.”

Reid Coffman, Beachwood
“Excellent program. My daughter went there for strength and conditioning and speed training. It paid off of with a D1 college scholarship. This is one of the best investments we did for our daughter’s future.”
Matt Nunez, Avon
“The crew at DC Strength Ohio are amazing! I’ve been struggling with a few athletic injuries for years, but ever since I started working with their trainers, I’ve never felt better. Thanks DCSO for giving me my life back!”
Amy Bohnsack, Mentor
“There’s always room for improvement. Dustin Carnish will help you figure out what that is and how to accomplish it with great results. He’ll get you into the attitude that stops you from saying “yesterday I said tomorrow“.”
Anthony Gilles, Willowick
“Dustin provides a motivation that I couldn’t get on my own, along with constant positive reinforcement. Always finds a way to make even the most grueling of workouts, FUN! Thanks Dustin.”
Mike Vara, Willowick

Great people and easy to work with! I would recommend them to anyone.

Jeff Kolenich, Westlake

I recommended it to 2 friends! Love Dustin.

Dixie Singer, Chagrin Falls

Dustin is truly a tremendous trainer. He is the perfect combination of tough and warmth and has a lot of integrity. He makes each workout challenging (but not more than you can handle), creative and fun. An important part of working not only with me, but with my son. His professionalism, knowledge and passion shows through each time you see him. He motivates me to push past what I think my limits are to help me get results. My son even said he feels stronger since working with Dustin. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Dustin is your number one choice.


My 79 year old mom had a stroke 5 years ago, then diagnosed with dementia. She had lost strength in her legs which caused them to ache; she was not able to stand up from a sitting position and was also dizzy when she did so (nor could she walk without assistance). Physical therapy is a good start but when insurance stops paying, so does the physical therapy. Dustin has brought my mother a long way with his visits to work her out physically 3-4 times per week. She is able to get up and down from a sitting position on her own, she no longer complains of dizziness or aching legs. She is also walking with much more confidence and to think more clearly. I believe without the strength training she receives, she would probably be in a wheelchair and require much more medical care. Thank you Dustin!

Karen Weaver, Prijatel & Associates
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